Doris Naisbitt

Doris Naisbitt is an observer of global social, economic and political trends. She is Director of the Naisbitt China Institute, author and co-author of bestselling books, and columnist in German, Chinese and Nepalese media.

In addition to her research on future global developments Doris Naisbitt is dedicated to foster personal growth. Her personal experience to start a successful career later in life has inspired audiences and encouraged people to reinvent their own life. How to make the most of your talents is the red line of Doris Naisbitt’s biweekly column in China Youth Daily, China’s second largest newspaper. The official press agency of China called her the “global philosopher for China’s youth.”

Doris Naisbitt holds professorships at prestigious Nankai and Jilin University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Yunnan University and Skolkovo Open University Moscow as well as a honorary Doctor of South Korea’s Pukyong National University. She is also a member of IWF, International Women’s Forum.

Doris Naisbitt has a distinguished career in publishing, serving as head of the Austrian publishing houses Austria Press and Signum Verlag. During her tenure she established Signum as a player in the broader German Language market. Among Ms. Naisbitt´s international renowned authors was John Naisbitt. His book Megatrends Asia, published 1995, became a bestseller in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Doris and John Naisbitt were married in 2000. They are working in close collaboration in public lecturing and translating books, among them works for the German publishing houses Hanser, Bertelsmann and Frankfurter Allgemeine Buchverlag. Since the couple became co-authors in 2006, they speak to audiences in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the US and have appeared on many television programs, written for first-tier publications, and addressed numerous government and policymaking institutions.

Ms. Naisbitt was also working in the production of television documentary for Walter Davy. She studied theatre in Vienna under the tutelage of Susi Nicoletti and Paula Wessely, two of Austria’s most famous actresses. Doris and John Naisbitt live in Vienna, Austria and China.