Info: author: Zhao Quizheng, John Naisbitt, Doris Naisbitt | year of publication: 2010 | THE CHINA MODEL – A dialogue between east and west

There is almost no one who does not have an opinion about China. In the West mainstream opinions are built on The Good Earth, The last Emperor, Seven Years in Tibet, and daily stories in magazines and newspapers which report almost solely negative news about China. There is also the Western picture of Chinese politicians: stiff, stern and inaccessible and hardly willing for open dialogue.

The China Model proves this opinion obsolete. It is an open dialogue between the Chinese long-time leader Zhao Quizheng and the authors John and Doris Naisbitt touching economic, social and political subjects, an unlimited discussion about China’s past, future and present, albeit not driven by a wish to erect walls, but to build bridges.