Info: author: John & Doris Naisbitt | year of publication: 2010 | info: CHINA´s MEGATRENDS – The 8 Pillars of a new Society

China has become a major global player in both the political and the economic areas. But despite the transformation China has undergone in last decades the West still hangs on to an obsolete picture of China.

While China is increasingly self confident and self sufficient, the West links a sustainable future of China to the degree to which China adopts Western values and practices. But China is creating a political counter-model to Western modern democracy fitting to Chinese history and society just as America created a model fitting to its collective histories, societies and values more than 200 years ago.

China is creating an entirely new social and economic system. It has reinvented itself as if it were a huge enterprise, developing a “company culture” which fits the demands of the enterprise and its people on the path to modernity and wealth. Economically and politically China has left the path of imitation, determined to become the innovation country of the world. In the next decades China will not only change the global economy, it will challenge Western democracy with its own model.

With an inside out approach, China’s Megatrends describes the “eight pillars” which built the foundation on which China changed from a nation of poverty and backwardness to become the second largest economy of the world, beating Germany as export champion, and challenging America as the most competitive nation.

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