The West has it all: a leading position in technologies, high productivity, natural resources, population diversity, abundance of talent and the best universities in the world. Nevertheless there is great uncertainty.

Like Megatrends in 1982, Global Game Change today offers an indispensible roadmap of the transforming global landscape. It replaces the uncertainty of rapid change with a description of the future. It enables entrepreneurs, corporations and governments to reposition themselves to new global conditions.

With the economic awakening of 80 percent of the world’s population new economic alliances, alternatives to international organizations, and a new balance of power are advancing. In the tailwinds of China, which has become the global game changer, new markets and a new global consumer class growing to 4 billion in the next decade is waiting to be conquered. Emerging and revitalized cities will absorb most of the new middle class. Global Game Change describes the opening up of a new multicentric, multi-option world.